Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Summer!

As I type this I’m sitting on my front porch with my puppy right by my side which means it’s officially summer break. Wahoo! Yesterday I finished my last final…finished packing up and cleaning my apartment…finished my last afternoon with my preschoolers for the semester. So I celebrated the first day of May by waking up in my own bed and heading out to the porch to soak it all in. Aaahhh…my heart is just so happy today.

summerLast day with my rambunctious three year olds! 

Now I’m back home where I get to start my mornings on the front porch with coffee and Jesus. I can hear the sound of the creek across the street flowing gently and see the green leaves rustle in the breeze. Do mornings get any better than that?


Here’s to a sweet summer, friends!

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