Sunday, September 9, 2012


 {About to head home on Friday afternoon.}
{Pulling into my neighborhood on Friday. I love my drive home!}

Reading my textbooks. I’m so behind in reading for pleasure, but I’m about to start Overflowing Fullness.

Writing notes as I work through assigned readings in said textbooks. I’m also writing on a multitude of post-it notes. What would we do without post-its?

Listening to my Ben Rector Pandora station. Another one of my favorites.

Thinking about my future classroom. I’m so thankful I get to work toward what I’m passionate about.

Wishing I wasn’t so easily distracted while working on homework. If you're a teacher (or future teacher!) you need to watch this video. I watched it a while ago, but it's distracting me again as I try to focus on Biology.

Hoping that my Biology lab this morning whizzes by.

Watching the activities of campus through my bedroom window. One of my windows overlooks the soccer field and the other gives me the best view of the religion building. It’s fun to observe all the happenings on this little corner of campus. 

Loving Yoplait Whips yogurt. If you place one of these in the freezer for a few hours you have yourself a yummy dessert!

Wanting to go hiking at least once this fall.

Needing to buy stamps so I can start sending letters again. On a side note, why are stamps so expensive?

Feeling ready for a new week after my wonderful weekend at home. Those 36 hours were just what I needed.


Ameera (أميرة) said...

That video is so cool. It sounds like something we do in ESL which is call TPR (total physical response). I love that I can be all teacher nerdy with you :)

Miss Rachael said...

That is my favourite teaching inspiration video. Well, that and Taylor Mali's "Miracle Workers" spoken word/poem. :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend at home! xx

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

ummm wow! I'm pretty sure I would drive to the edge of your neighborhood every day just to drive back in. hahaha. I would be doing a lot of running around there. it's GORGEOUS!

Erin Marie said...

cute! getting stamps is on my list too, i've got a pile of letters waiting to be mailed and no postage!

Ariel said...

Ok, that is a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood! What a wonderful place to come home too :)

amanda marie said...

Oh my goodness! I am now doing a bunch of research on whole brain teaching. That video was amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

Robin said...

1. Yoplait whips = delicious

2. I always ask for stamps as a stocking stuffer at Christmas because they are so pricy!

3. The site of Ben Rectors name brings a big smile to my face :)

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