Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Lately

Well, it looks like another week has passed since I last blogged….woops! I thought I would be much more on top of blogging during the summer but I was wrong there. So I’ll just share a few photos that capture last week’s activities…

My mom convinced me to go to water aerobics with her because that’s what a good daughter would do…it was definitely an experience. :)


Afternoon in Bryson City, North Carolina.


Father’s day….church, potluck lunch, jammin’ to oldies in the car, and kayaking.




Spending a little time at the Toccoa River.


Not pictured:

Started to watch Lost from the beginning (I’m hooked!)

Learning how to drive stick shift….overwhelming but so fun!

Skype/Facetime dates :)

Making plans for two of my friends to come visit…yay!


Rosala said...

Kayaking is usually fun- if you don't flip out into freezing water. Lol

Oo! Lost? I've watched all the seasons, but my younger brothers just started watching it from the beginning too! I love Hurley. :)

Also, stick shift learning... I'm learning how to do it this summer too! so stressful. haha

Rachael said...

This sounds like a wonderful week :)
What exactly does one do during water aerobics? Is that just doing star jumps in a pool? ;)
Can't wait for tomorrow!

Katie Cook said...

LOVE this! And love water aerobics!! I used to teach it for like 8 years!!! hahahah!!! love you!

Hilda said...

spending time with mom is the best. you drove a stick? That is hard!

Miss Wilson said...

Hey. I feel your pain in the delayed blogging problem that summer brings. I just moved back to Indiana from Alaska and have taken a blogging hiatus during the chaotic schedule my life has had until things settle down. Looks like you're enjoying your summer. :D Yay!

Iris said...

Water aerobics sounds cool! :D I like aerobics...and the water woul be a nice way to cool down.

Driving stick is a lot of fun. In Germany pretty much everyone drives stick.....most of our cars are stick so that is how we learn it. :)



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