Monday, February 18, 2013

Home is my favorite.

On Saturday afternoon, I spontaneously decided to go home for the night. Since I only live 45 minutes away from school it’s easy to just throw together an overnight bag and hop in the car. Although I love being at school, I equally love being at home. I spent time hanging out with my parents…they truly are my favorites.

homeHave I mentioned before that my drive home is my favorite?

home2When I pulled up I saw my dad wearing this…definitely an interesting outfit choice. Only my father. :)

Also, I cherish getting to talk to my mom. She offers wisdom and advice while constantly pointing me back to Christ. She continually encourages me and challenges me to turn to the scriptures. Anyway, I was pretty bummed about a mistake I made last week…well, I was actually pretty bummed about last week in general. So as we were talking, she shared with me different mistakes that she has made throughout her 30 years of teaching and how you ALWAYS learn from them. I treasured hearing her stories and even laughed out loud at a few. I came away reminded that we all make mistakes but there is always a valuable lesson to be learned from them. I’m so thankful for the support my parents provide and the cozy home I can retreat away to when needed.

P.S. Are any of you Downton Abbey fans? Please oh please tell me you watched the season finale last night!? I. was. devastated. If you watched, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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amanda marie said...

I loved how you said we make mistakes but we learn from them! I needed to be reminded of that for sure! Oh and I have last nights downton recorded but haven't watched so shhhh ;)

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