Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh, Preschool.


You know you’re a preschool teacher when…

…it’s completely normal to wear monkey ears to work.

…you can change pull-ups like a pro.

…you can open half a dozen snacks at a time (applesauce, yogurts, bananas, etc.).

…you love outside time as much as your kids do.

…you can’t pass by the Target dollar spot without buying goodies for your kids.

…you know pretty much the exact time that each child will be picked up.

…you’re constantly pointing out shapes, colors, and numbers.

…you think Velcro shoes are one of the best inventions ever.

…you know bubbles, play-doh, and finger painting are the bees knees.

…you’re always modeling the correct way to share toys.

…you love seeing your kids actively thinking and problem solving.

At the early learning center where I work, our classes are the names of animals (i.e. blue dolphins, green frogs, dinosaurs, etc.) I’m the afternoon teacher for the brown monkeys’ class and that’s why I’m wearing monkey ears. My kids LOVED when I walked in wearing them!


Kiki said...

Girl, I nodded my head in agreement for every single one of those things on the list! I could agree with you more.

The only thing I would add to the list is having paint on your clothes. That seriously seems like a requirement for me these days.

Oh, and high-five for a fellow teacher who loves velcro shoes, loves outside time, Target, and bubbles.

p.s. You look too cute in those monkey ears. :)

Holly said...

Heheh I love your monkey ears! :)

Ditto to the Velcro shoes (and boo to parents who put their two and three year olds in Converse sneakers! Very cute, but SO impractical!)

Katie Cook said...

You are SERIOUSLY the cutest teacher ever! That picture is adorable girl:) Ahhh, can you promise to be my kids teacher when we have them? hahahha!

Hannah said...

Love this! So many relate to my internship as a SLP intern right now!

Jo-Ann said...

Hey Samantha, just stumbled across your blog and had to laugh when I read this! I'm a preschool teacher and it's lovely to come across someone that appreciates the unique challenges of working with young children - never a dull moment! And I love those ears, they are so cute.

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