Friday, March 15, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy weekend! I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs to share a whole lot of randomness from my week. Woohoo!



I was finally able to break out some cutesy sandals today due to the spring like weather. Sandals, sunshine, and spring…does it get any better?! LOVE that I can start driving with the windows down again.


My preschoolers had me laughing out loud today with some of their sayings…

What you talkin’ about Willis!” (One of my girls said this in response to definitely brought a smile to my face!)

“Miss Samantha, I like your purse…Miss Samantha, your shoes are so cute.” (I have a little fashionista in the making!)

“Hold on someone is calling ME! I’ll be right back.” (The toy phone started ringing and one of my little guys was so convinced it was for him. Too cute!)


I’ll be catching up on this week’s episodes of Duck Dynasty tonight. Please oh please tell me you’re “obsessed” with this family too?! It’s a little embarrassing how much they make me laugh.


If you didn’t notice already, I’m the biggest (future) teacher nerd. I could sit and talk with you for hours about teaching and all the excitement I have stirred up inside of me. Anyway, I signed up to attend a conference with a few fellow education majors that’s all about Common Core. It will be geared toward future educators (that’s me!) which will be SO helpful as Common Core will be very much the standard curriculum when I enter the classroom. Wooh!


These cookies are seriously delicious! Extra yummy on this Friday night. :)

How’s that for random? Wishing you the sweetest of weekends!


Holly said...

Heheh your preschoolers sound just as random and hilarious as mine! :P

Kiki said...

I can totally imagine some of the preschoolers I know saying the same things!

And oh my goodness, I had no idea you watched Duck Dynasty, too! My family and I just started watching and we're pretty much hooked. The Roberston family is hilarious! They're the perfect way for me to end my day and I can't believe I just started watching. :)

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