Monday, March 25, 2013

My heart is in the classroom.

A little hard to read, but I’m so thankful for encouraging professors…”I tell ya Sam, kids who are assigned to your classroom are going to be very blessed indeed!”

If you’ve been around me for any short time it will be easy to see that my heart is to be in the classroom. I have a passion for teaching that continues to grow and gets me fired up. Ever since I first spent time with a class of second graders, education has buried itself deep in my heart. But here’s the thing about pursuing elementary’s so much more than what people think. I’m not going into teaching because it’s easy and I get to “play with kids all day, I’m going into teaching because it’s going to be one of the hardest things I ever do and hopefully I’ll positively impact one of those kids’ lives that I’m with day after day.

I’m convinced that I’m meant to be a teacher and I’ll continue to pursue that wholeheartedly. I’ll be faithful to the calling that wedged itself in my heart.

P.S. To any teachers out there, you have my highest respect. Your job is the farthest thing from being easy, but you continue to pour yourself into your kids. In a society where teachers are generally undervalued, know that there are many others who do value you! I appreciate the example that you set for me and other future teachers. Thank you for walking into your classrooms day after day with passion and purpose!


Rachael {Miss Rachael Teaches} said...

Aw, I love this! You ARE going to be the best teacher for each and every child who God places in your classes. :) I can't wait to come and visit your classrooms one day and glean so much of your wisdom!
(ps. we still need to skype sometime! in the week after Easter maybe?) xo

Allison said...

You will be an amazing teacher girl. Keep pursuing your dream. And I really appreciate anyone who praises a teacher. :) We work harder than anyone gives us credit for!!!!1

amanda marie said...

Amen sista!

Keep your passion growing. P.S. I have been thinking of doing a post about the things I wish I knew on my first day of school soon. Keep a lookout I hope it can give you some good advice of things to find out NOW in your classes :)

Jen Drawthelineat said...

Speaking as a teacher, you will be a great teacher. More than that...I'm sure you are a great friend...and one day you will be an amazing wife too! Keep going girl!

Jasmine Victoria said...

Such an encouraging note! I know you will make a fabulous teacher. And those kiddos in your classroom are going to be supper lucky to have you as a teacher! Just wait, time will fly by so fast until you graduate and then all of a sudden, you will finally have that classroom of yours that you've been dreaming about for so long! How exciting!! Keep up the hard work, because it's obvious that it is paying off!

Amanda Wissmann said...

What a sweetheart for writing such a great note! and it's totally true :) they WILL be blessed!

Miss Wilson said...

Hey there! I saw I had a new follower and decided to check out your blog as well. :) I love it. Thanks for the add by the way.

What year are you in preservice teaching? I am only 2 years into real world teaching and it feels like forever since I was at college. My how time flies. It looks like you're already doing well in school. Compliments like that professors don't come easy! :)

On my blog you asked how I ended up teaching Alaska... I think I did a post in July or August 2011 about the whole story of me getting the job in my village, but let's just put it this way... way too many things lined up for me not to take the position. It's a great deal of life-changing experiences and bonding moments with different kinds of people. I reccomend it to people not faint of heart or small in faith! :)

You will be traveling to Alaska? That's awesome. What will your education department be doing up here?

Kaitlin said...


That is all.


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