Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend & Sunshine

Good morning, sweet ladies! It was absolute gloriousness in Tennessee this weekend. Sunshine. Blue skies. 70 degrees. Warmth. Can you say hello spring?! On Saturday, I spent quality time with two friends and then enjoyed a girls’ night in with one of them. It was perfect to bake cookies, eat popcorn, talk, and watch The Hunger Games. Then on Sunday afternoon I took a blanket over to the park and just basked in the sunshine. It couldn’t have been more relaxing. I’m thankful for sunshine and weekends on this Monday morning.

saturdayMexican dinner and frozen yogurt date.

sunday2Sunday afternoon at the park. Perfection.

sundayThe clouds hid the sun away so I took a short nap. Love these afternoons.

Go out and choose joy this week, friends!


Katie Cook said...

you are SO cute darlin:) glad you have a great weekend:)

Megan said...

The weather was beautiful on Saturday! But's back to cloudy and cold (at least for me in NC). I wish I'd spent some time outside relaxing.

Brittany Kyte said...

YES, I have been wanting to re-watch the Hunger Games all last week! Can't wait until it comes out on Netflix, if it ever does!! :)

Rosala said...

Fun! I'm patiently waiting for the warmth to come to North Dakota. We had a blizzard come through town, and it cancelled school!

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