Wednesday, August 7, 2013

mid-week randoms

I’m linking up with Megan for mid-week randoms.


I’m so ready to move back to school and start the fall semester. I’m really missing the sweet community I have there. So yesterday I made a day trip over to campus to see one of my friends who is back early for residential life training. Ahhh. I’ve just been incredibly blessed with rich friendships.

photo (16)


Eleanor and I have started a long distance Bible study going through Kelly Minter’s Ruth. Oh my goodness. I’ve read this story before without really digging into it, but not this time. I’m learning by studying Ruth’s commitment and faithfulness.


Have I mentioned before that I’m the biggest future teacher nerd? I attempted to do a little organizing of all the materials I’ve inherited and/or bought so far for my future classroom. Wowza! I inherited tons from my mom when she retired and I pick up odds and ends now.

This is only about half of the boxes…

photo (17)


This never gets old. It just doesn’t get any better than Ben Howard.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Gina Alyse said...

My friends are about to head back for RA training next week! I can't believe school is starting so soon! And I'm loving your teaching nerdiness! Everything is so organized :)

xo, gina

Sarah said...

Exciting time of the year for you with school just around the year! Enjoy the last little bit of relaxation you have :)

Hannah Justina said...

OMW! Thank you so stinkin' much for posting this music video by Ben Howard! I've never heard him before, But i'm like a big fan now!!!! :D ahhh. He's awesome! :)

~Hannah <3

Ameera said...

So jealous of your classroom supply ;) I'm glad to see how the Father has blessed you with community at school.

meg mcilvaine said...

mmmmm ben howard. SO GOOD.
girl, we should meet up if you are ever down in chattanooga. we can go on chattanooga adventures together!

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