Thursday, April 11, 2013

These spring days.

Sometimes you just need to take your work outside. My apartment is right across the street from one of the parks on campus so I’ve been taking full advantage of that on these spring afternoons. And I’m not the only one…there are so many other students doing the same thing. These days around campus I can spot dozens of picnic blankets and hammocks scattered about. It makes my heart extra happy.

I’m thankful for windy spring afternoons spent outside while listening to Ben Howard.


You should know by now that Ben Howard is one of my absolute favorites


Wishing you a lovely spring day, friend!


Rosala said...

Ahhh! Sounds fantastic:)You live in a great location.

Hilda said...

enjoy this lovely day! doesn't it make you feel all happy to see other students join in? it sounds exciting! :)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

:) i love sweet moments like that!

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