Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap {Conference}

Happy Monday, friends! This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Kentucky to attend an educational leadership conference with three fellow education students. We had the best time! We left Friday afternoon and drove through Tennessee and most of Kentucky and one thing is certain…I LOVE the mountains. There were mountains all around and tons of rolling hills once we reached Kentucky. I can’t get enough of the beauty of this region. Anyway, we arrived Friday evening and rushed right over to the university. We had dinner and then enjoyed a traditional bluegrass concert All so fun!

We woke up early Saturday morning to head back to the university for a full day of sessions. I’m so thankful I get opportunities to grow as a future teacher and be surrounded by other college students who share my passion for being in the classroom. I definitely learned a few new tools I can implement in my future classroom by being at this conference. I was just so “in my element” this weekend and it reminded me again that I’m passionate about pursuing this calling to teach.

Here are a few photos from this weekend…

conference3Arriving at the hotel…I was just a little bit excited to start learning. :)


conference7Even though it’s out of focus we were excited to begin the day!

conference1I was anxious to start the first session. Wahoo!

conference2We were a little tired by mid-afternoon if you can’t tell from my lifeless smile.

conference5No worries though…I quickly perked back up. Ha!

And one thing I’ve learned is that teaching conferences will always have drawing at some point without fail. Always.


Hope your week starts out with a bang! I only have two weeks left until summer. Yay!


Miss Wilson said...

Wow! You are super lucky to go to conferences like that. Looks like you had lots of fun and learned alot! Yay.

Hilda said...

Ooh drawings! I love that on signs. it makes it more interesting! so glad your passion is pursuing education. We need good passionate teachers in schools because there are some that should not be teachers at all. a student never forgets their best teacher. enjoy your studies and know that you will be someone's favorite teacher too someday. ;)

Diwakar said...

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