Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What My Loved Ones Say About Me

Good morning, friends! Over the past few days I’ve seen other bloggers have their loved ones write a few facts about them. I loved the idea because it may give you a different perspective of me than how I would describe myself. I recruited my mom and one of best friends to join in the fun and share a little of their perspectives of me…I added my comments in italics. The original link up for this blog can be found at From Mrs. to Mama

First up is my mom:

-She has boxes and boxes of children's books that she's bought for her (one day) classroom.

-She laughs out loud when watching funny movies or TV shows.

-Turtles give her the heebie-jeebies. Complete truth right there.

-She spontaneously starts dancing in grocery store aisles.

-Her personality is a harmonious balance of "roots" and "wings."

Now my best friend:

-She has the best laugh. It's one of those laughs that makes you laugh, even if you didn't hear the joke.

-Samantha is super organized. I am not. I admire her for that.

-She has 200+ children's books. They're organized by category and size.

-She's a primper. Before getting out of the car, she brushes her hair and touches up her lipstick. It's why she always looks so good.

-I used to call her "Sam" but then she decided she liked "Samantha" better. I’ve always gone by Samantha…she called me Sam for a short time right after we met.

-She loves her school. She even did a dance about it one time. I don’t remember this dance, but I bet it was funny!

-She is basically the most feminine person I know.

-She has a "big band" station on her XM radio (for fun summer days).

-She is one of the Godliest women I've ever met. She encouraged me to seek our Father more, and I could not thank her enough for that.

-She is one of those friends that will never leave your life. Though we are in different states, our kindred hearts have not drawn apart.

-She recently discovered Snapchat, and I recently discovered how big her repertoire of silly faces is.

These make my heart happy. I encourage you to have your loved ones write about you too…so fun to see what they come up with!


Katie Cook said...

This is SO cute Samantha!!!! You are amazing...just as your loved ones say!!! love from Nepal, love Katie

Melanie said...

you are so loved :)

Hilda said...

ooh I know some good children's books. have you heard of the Ramona Quimby series? It's totally clean. :)

This is a fun idea! :)

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