Tuesday, July 8, 2014

declaring what we love

“one of the ways we grow up is by declaring what we love" -Shauna Niequist

It's my 21st birthday and this quote from Shauna Niequist has been on mind the past couple of days. I thought one of the sweetest ways to celebrate my birthday was to be intentional about documenting where I am in this season. I want to declare what I love and what fires me up to inspire to keep chasing after these during the next year.
I love quiet mornings with Jesus.
I love sitting on the front porch listening to the creek. Hearing the wind rustle the leaves. Simply being still.
I love connecting with other girls who challenge and encourage me. Genuine conversation is my favorite.
I love being in the classroom and working with kids. That's my element.

I love connecting with teachers and other future teachers. Their passion and creativity ignites something in me.
I love dancing silly and laughing and singing along to the radio.

I love living in the mountains.
I love praying for my future husband.
I love hearing and learning more about adoption. It gets me going in a good way.
I love hearing about other people's dreams and passions.

Wishing you the sweetest day, friends!


Natalie said...

Happy birthday again! Love that Shauna Niequist quote you shared. Have you read any of her books?

Katie Cook said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! I LOVE this post, and I love seeing all your gorgeous pictures from where you live. You live in a dream world:) xoxo Katie

elle alice said...

Happy birthday!!I love this post!! I am going through Shauna's Bittersweet and dang! I have been missing out! She is awesome! I am excited to read more of her work, but the quote you listed is gold! love it!

I kept nodding my head YES! to all of the things that stir your heart. I think that's a great idea to occasionally revisit what you love. It helps prioritize life and simplify to what drives you.

Anyway, hope your birthday week is exciting and full of joyful moments!

Amanda G. said...

Ahhhh Happy Birthday!!! Always, always cherish what you love :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about you and your surprise my parents are moving and so helping them has prevented a post office visit!!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I had no idea you were "only" 21!?!?!? :) Enjoy your year, I have a feeling it will be one of your favorites!!!

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