Friday, July 11, 2014

{five for friday}

I can't stop listening to Mandolin Rain by Josh Kelley. It's the best country summer song to sing along to while out exploring or driving back roads.
Organizing the children's books and supplies {this isn't even half of it!} I've collected over the years.

Speaking of teaching, I'm making plans to start a my own teacher blog to use during student teaching and into my first year in my classroom. I've been faithfully reading teacher blogs for the past four years and I've been so inspired by the creativity of teachers around the country. I'm brainstorming blog names to try and come up with something that truly represents me as a {future} educator.
I'm roadtrippin' to Raleigh, North Carolina next week to help a sweet friend set up her very first KINDERGARTEN classroom. Y'all I feel like a kid at Christmas! I'm so excited to spend the week talking about all things teaching, Jesus, life, etc.

I started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time ever. Ohmygoodness. I've been missing out all these years! I can't put the books down.
 Skype dates are my favorite. So thankful technology has allowed me to connect with so many other girls who encourage me to keep chasing after Jesus.

Have a joy-filled weekend, friends!


Robin said...

So exciting to start really getting into your teaching! Goodluck with the start up of the teaching blog!

Ainsley said...

I haven't posted anything in a while but my teaching blog is called Kitties in My Cubby ( This past year was my first year teaching so the blog kind of got put on the back burner but I'm hoping to blog a lot more this coming school year.
Are you just LOVING the Harry Potter books? I've been a fan for years (I was always one of the ones at the bookstore at midnight the night a new one came out) and still read them over again at least once a year. I'm actually rereading Deathly Hallows right now.
I love your blog by the way :)

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