Saturday, July 19, 2014

five for friday…on saturday


Just a whole bunch of randoms from the past week…



I spent the week in Raleigh, North Carolina helping a friend (Beth) in her very first kindergarten classroom. It was the sweetest. Beth discovered my blog nearly two years ago and sent me an email to introduce herself. We’ve exchanged too many emails to count since then and a handful of handwritten letters. She has been a steady source of encouragement so I jumped at the chance to finally meet in person and to spend time working in her classroom. We had the best time and I know her 19 kindergartners are gong to be blessed to have such a passionate, creative, and invested teacher.


I finally came up with a name for my soon-to-be teacher blog! It may be a little cheesy, but I’m loving “Field Trips and Paper Clips.” I plan to really get it going by the time I start student teaching in January. Stay tuned for updates! ;)


afterlight (14){Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina}

Driving through western North Carolina on the way to Beth’s couldn’t have been any prettier! Mountain drives will always be my favorite.


Falling asleep to the sound of rain is the absolute best. It’s been raining almost every night for the past week and it’s been so calming.



I can’t stop listening to Johnnyswim. Y’all, this husband and wife duo can’t be beat. Check them out and enjoy!

Happy weekend, friends!


Natalie said...

Loving the latest from Johnnyswim too!

Linds said...

Samantha!! I got your letter in the mail today and it seriously made my day! I love, love, love the name of your teacher blog!


Helen Keyes said...

It's difficult to be a skillful and passionate teacher. But you will feel happy to see your students better.

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