Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

bonfireSadly, this is the only picture I have from this weekend. I’ll do better next time. Ha!

Girls, I had the absolute best weekend. After I left work on Friday I went to Target to do a little shopping. I convinced myself that I just had to stop by Starbucks before I started to walk around…the caffeine definitely gave the extra boost I needed after working with three year olds all afternoon. I must have looped around Target no less than four times as I gathered everything I had on my shopping list. I really enjoyed having alone time as I walked around. It’s amazing how much refreshment a trip to Target and Starbucks provides.

Later that evening I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” and oh it was so good. It was suspenseful and captured my attention immediately. Then add in Grace Kelly’s timeless beauty and Jimmy Stewart’s class to the mix. I definitely suggest watching it if you get the chance! I also registered for classes in the spring when registration opened up at midnight. I was able to get in all of the classes I need/want. Yay!

Everything about Saturday was perfect and lovely. First of all, I got to sleep in! Since I have 7:45am and 8am classes every day I always look forward to the Saturdays that I don’t have to set an alarm. Once I woke up slowly I spent the afternoon relaxing. Late Saturday afternoon a group of girls from my hall met up with a group of guys from another dorm. We drove about 30 minutes out of town to go hiking and have a bonfire. We got there as the sun was setting and hiked to an overhanging bluff. Most of the hike was hand over foot, but it was so much fun and definitely worth it. When we got to the top the sun finally sank down and the night sky was lit up with stars.

We roasted hotdogs and had s’mores on the bonfire. The wind made the direction of the flames change directions often as we soaked in the crisp November night. We eventually let the fire die out and then star gazed. That was my absolute favorite. There weren’t any city lights. There weren’t any traffic sounds. I simply laid there in awe of my Creator. It was just perfect. When we hiked down the mountain the only light to guide us was that of a few flashlights. There were many times where I had to slide onto my bottom because I couldn’t see in front of me. Oh, but it was so much fun.

On Sunday, I woke up to start getting ready for church, but my lower back was in pain and I felt nauseous so I decided to stay home. I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. Those extra two hours curled up helped tremendously with the pain. I spent the rest of the day studying for Biology while listening to The Civil Wars and Gungor. It was an all together lovely weekend.

P.S. Gungor’s new album, a creation liturgy, is incredible! I highly recommend listening to it. 


Rachael @ heldbyHishand said...

Sounds like a terribly wonderful time! I'm sorry I stuffed you around so bad and couldn't be a part of it. :( Maybe this week? Let me know, m'dear.
I'm so thankful you share life with us!

Anonymous said...

that sounds truly awesome. i had a weekend like that a few weeks ago and it really recharges your soul, ya know? plus, rear window is one of my all-time favorites. i mean...Shia LeBeouf compared to Jimmy Steward...pssht! the winner is obvious. add smores, stars, and the civil wars...3 more of my favorite things...just amazing.

thanks for sharing!!

Holly said...

I just Wikipedia'd that movie! Argh! *cue immediate heart attack*

Joanna said...

sounds AMAZING! Take me with you next time!

but really....

Kelly Ann said...

Great photo!

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