Thursday, January 24, 2013

Off to Tallahassee I Shall Go!

janiceandme{8th grade}

Good morning, friends! Do you remember when I wrote about being asked to be a bridesmaid? Well, this Saturday is my dear friend, Janice’s, wedding! I’m traveling to Tallahassee, Florida (my hometown) as soon as my 7:45am class is dismissed.

I have so much excitement and joy for this wedding, but more so for their marriage. Their relationship is centered on Christ and I know He will be their foundation as they enter into this marriage covenant. I can’t wait to see Janice marry her best friend. I can’t wait to see his face as she walks down the aisle. I can’t wait to hear them exchange vows. I can’t wait to hear them announced as Mr. and Mrs.

Ahhh! Godly marriages just get me fired up!

Anyway, I’ll be back next week with details about this extra special weekend!


Rachael @ heldbyHishand said...

Well, I just can't wait for next week! :)
I'm like you - it's so exciting to see and hear people doing marriage God's way and well.
Praying all the planning comes off smoothly and you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Jasmine Victoria said...

Enjoy the wedding! Give Tally my love :)

Victoria said...

Love that pic! Clearly, you've always been gorgeous! :)

Have fun this weekend!!! It sounds like a very special time. One of my good friends just got married last fall. Seeing her happiness on that day will be something that I don't quickly forget!

Gina Alyse said...

Aww, Godly marriages get me fired up, too! We've been talking about relationships and marriages lately in my Bible studies. Congrats to them! And I hope you have a great and a fabulous time in the wedding!

xo, gina

Beth Mayberry said...

cannot wait to see pictures!!!!

PS: I am a new follower and I am so excited to be here!

Kiki said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating your friend! Congrats to her! It sounds lovely and I cannot wait to hear about it. And yes, God-centered weddings/marriages are amazing. :)

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