Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm a Bridesmaid.


My heart is dancing with happiness because of this sweet card I received in the mail over the weekend. I’m going to have the privilege to stand beside one of my best friends on her wedding day! Janice and I met in our sixth grade gym class and our friendship was meant to be. I remember sitting on the bleachers and starting a conversation about our matching cell phone cases {we were cool like that}. We became fast friends and grew together throughout those awkward years. We made it through braces, crushes, and funny clothes. Nearly all of my middle school memories involve Janice!

As we started high school together, God got a hold of our hearts at the same time. We both started to hunger for intimacy and relationship with the Father. We were able to encourage each other to pursue Him like we never had before. I can honestly say that God used our friendship to change my heart. We had a strong friendship before, but it became so much sweeter as the Lord became the center of it.

Not long after, the two of us started to learn about God scripted love stories. The thought that God wanted to script our love stories was revolutionary to us! Eric and Leslie Ludy’s When God Writes Your Love Story completely transformed our outlooks on romance. We started to talk about surrendering our future love stories to the Lord as we dreamed about the mighty men of God that would one day win our hearts. Together, we decided to trust God to script our love stories in His timing and His way. It’s a decision neither of us will ever regret!

Although, I’m still waiting for the Lord to script mine, I’ve had the joy of watching Janice grow in love. I remember going on a LONG walk with her before she started dating her guy and talking about her growing feelings. I’m so proud that she guarded her heart and waited on him to initiate the relationship. He has pursued and won her heart ever since! I know that the Lord is the center of their sweet relationship and that He will use them to impact the Kingdom together.

My heart topples over with joy when I think back to that decision we made to surrender our love stories to God! She assures me that it’s worth the wait and SO much more beautiful than she imagined.

Our friendship has withstood time and distance and I’m grateful for her faithfulness in my life. Janice is a red-headed beauty with such a tender heart for God. She has the kindest heart and an infectious laugh. We truly are kindred spirits and I can’t wait to stand by my sweet sister in Christ as she transitions into the newest season of her life!

Here are a few photos from a road trip we took together two summers ago...





Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

I know how exactly how you feel. One of my best friends since 8th grade is getting married in Aug. I can't wait to be in her wedding!! :)

Tiffany said...

Congratulations to your friend and to you! Being a bridesmaid is such a privilege and fun time. I'm so excited for you :)

Natalie said...

Congrats! You'll be a great bridesmaid! =D

Katie Cook said...

what an encouragement to watch a dear friend fall in love and see how God wrote their story! Love this, and am so excited for you to get to support her in this! Love Katie

courtney said...

this is precious. its great to walk beside friends in a godly relationship done right :)

Jasmine said...

Samantha! Your words have brought tears to my eyes because I know how strong your friendship is with Janice. I'm so glad that you were chosen to be a part of her wedding!!

Janice said...


I love you so much!!!!

I am so blessed to have had such an amazing and God filled beauty as a best friend.

I truly thank God for that cell phone!!

I love you and can not wait to be with you again:))

Ill never forget our prayer that day in your room and how it changed our lives forever.

Love your
Sister in Him

Jenna Secrist said...

being a bridesmaid is so much fun! you will remember it forever. xx

siddathornton said...

congratulations on being chosen a bridesmaid! :)

- lauren

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