Tuesday, July 24, 2012


{Spending my afternoon at Lake Blue Ridge}
Reading Mentor Texts and using too many post-it notes to mark the multitude of fabulous ideas. The fact that this is one of my “fun reads” shows that I’m a (future) teacher nerd.

Writing…this post.

Listening to my Brooke Fraser Pandora station. She’s one of my favorites.

Thinking about how sweet this proposal was (read #2). I would love to be proposed to in my future classroom one day.

Wishing I could order all the books I have on my Amazon wish list. At least my library card will get lots of use this fall.

Hoping for a road trip full of adventures and laughter with my mom. We’re going on a girls trip to Waynesville, North Carolina to see her sister and mom this week.

Watching reruns of The Cosby Show. Gosh, I love this family.

Loving being able to sleep in. These mornings will end as soon as my 7:45 and 8:00 classes start.

Wanting a second cup of coffee. My almond joy creamer is just too good.

Needing to get back into the groove of eating breakfast instead of just having coffee.

Feeling excited and expectant for this school year.


courtney said...

oh my goodness, im gonna need to get my hands on this almond joy creamer!! and a road trip to north carolina sounds so much fun :)

courtney said...
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Natalie said...

ugh... I need to get back to actually eating breakfast too. During the summer all I do is drink coffee and more coffee until lunchtime. And I just might need to give this almond joy creamer a try too =D

Katie Cook said...

you are just TOO cute, you know that? and I love Brook Fraser as well! love that feeling of excitement and expectancy for the future...so glad you're feeling that:) have a great day, love Katie

Miss Rachael said...

Hello lovely!
Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! It's so nice to meet you!
I am also a teacher in training - early childhood major. I'm going to graduate next year, the week after I turn twenty! It's a little bit exciting and a lot a bit overwhelming. :)
I loved that proposal too... and have too many books to read. It's all uni uni uni at the moment!
Can't wait to talk more,

Katie said...

Stumbled upon your blog- it is really cute :) I'm going to be working in an elementary school in the fall on placement as a speech pathologist. If I hadn't decided to pursue speech path I would have definitely have been an elementary teacher. What a wonderful job to educate such little ones :) Just wish that everyone saw how much a good teacher is really worth :) Excited to follow you!

{kayleigh nikolai} said...

Your blog is becoming one of my favorites, I always get a smile.

I was given the Liebster Award and wanted to pass it on to you if you are interested. Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/ce2fjr8

Robin said...

Such a cute proposal in the classroom :] & that picture of the lake is beautiful, what a lovely way to spend the day!

siddathornton said...

have fun on your road trip :)

- lauren

Tiffany said...

I love Brooke Fraser! Have fun on your road trip :)

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