Monday, July 30, 2012

I’m a Dreamer.

I believe there is something powerful about putting pen to paper to write our dreams down. Often times a dream may pass away if it's not recorded. I never want to let my dreams slip away because I know that God has placed them in my heart for a purpose. I want my dreams to become visions...
I dream of being an elementary school teacher.
It energizes me so much to think about the day that I'll have my own classroom. I have no idea what grade I'll end up teaching because I have such a love for each grade. Although, I'm especially fond of the primary grades (K-2). I want my passion for teaching to translate into a love of learning that is tangible in my classroom. I want my kids to know that when they walk into my classroom they walk into my heart as well.
I dream of being a leader to other teachers.
I want to combine my love of public speaking and passion for education by working with other teachers. I'm not sure how this one will come to pass...maybe I'll lead a workshop on curriculum or work with other teachers on improving a certain aspect of our school. This is a dream that will be many years in the making, but I know that I want to encourage teachers to love and find joy in teaching.
I dream of being a mama.
I realize that this is a dream ingrained in the heart of most women, but it's a dream of mine none the less. When I take a moment to think about the day I'll become a mama, I'm already overwhelmed with love for my future children. I can only imagine how much my heart will expand on that day. 
I dream of being an encourager.
I want to invest in people...specifically I want to invest in high school girls. I remember how much it meant and influenced me when "older" women invested in me during that time. I want for young women to know that God has beautifully gifted and that there is great value in being a woman. I want for them to know that God wants to script their love stories, and even more so wants them to have a love story with HIM.
I dream of marrying my best friend.
I desire for my marriage to be a testimony to God and that people will see Him through our relationship. There will be plenty of bumps on the road, but I want to grow in love as our lives intertwine in a way only a husband and wife can.
What are your dreams? I would love to know what's in your heart.


alliespence. said...

ahh beautiful sam. i hope and pray all your dreams would come true! :)

Natalie said...

These all such wonderful and beautiful dreams =) I love how you talk about dreams on your blog often!

Katie Cook said...

Love this! Keep dreaming BIG girl, cause Abba LOVES our dreams...he gave them to us:) I'm excited to see the way God fulfills those dreams in His VERY creative (and often mysterious!) way! love Katie

Megan said...

Beautiful post! I dream that despite my inadequacies I can have a positive impact on my 4th grade students. I also dream of being a mother.

Miss Rachael said...

I love your dreams - they are very similar to mine! I enjoy teaching, but my real passion is the relationship side of it. :) I one day decided maybe I could be the head of a country's education system... USA here I come! ;) I don't know that they'd want an Aussie girl tho...
I dream of being wife+mum, of travelling the world, of living out of a suitcase, of writing things that people actually read and of living big.
Thanks for sharing your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Keep on dreaming, girl! In God's time they will all become reality.

Katie said...

Such a lovely post! I love getting to know you more through these posts. You seem so passionate! All I know is that when I have children, you would be my dream teacher. What a wonderful soul you have :)


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I want to be a better encourager, too! I have some bloggy friends who are AWESOME at encouraging, which only inspires me to do better. :)

happy day! xoxo!

Tiffany said...

This list makes me so happy :) I know you're going to be an amazing wife, mother and teacher! I can tell by the way you put your heart and soul in your posts. I dream of bringing the hope of Jesus to Arab women and children. After seeing their situation up close I can't imagine doing anything else.

Holly said...

A little odd, but organ donation is very important to me. I never thought I would feel as strongly about it as I do...but I do! :)

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