Friday, July 20, 2012

Letter Day


Goodness, it’s Friday again and I’m sitting here wondering where this week as gone. These summer days are breezing by and it’s time to write a few letters again. I’m linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Cara Carroll,

I want to be you when I grow up. They creativity that you pour into your classroom is such an inspiration to this future teacher!

Dear You’ve Got Mail,

You’re still one of my favorite movies. What’s not to love about New York City, small bookstores, and Tom Hanks?

Dear Amazon,

I love opening my mailbox to see a package from you. The joy that comes with those brown boxes is too fun! Tell me I’m not the only one…

Dear storm clouds,

Please stay all day! Rainy days spent at home are the best.

Dear summer tunes,

You make ordinary moments so much better! How mundane would certain moments be if there wasn’t music to dance or sing along to? Here are a few of the songs that I’ve listened to consistently:

Have a joy-filled Friday, girls!


Nicholl Vincent said...

you are a girl after my own heart-NYC, and bookstores.

come say hi at

have a great Friday!

Natalie said...

love that movie! =D

Victoria said...

Love these letters! Amazon packages are great, as are summer tunes! Have a great weekend.

Tiffany said...

You've Got Mail is awesome! I should be getting a package from Amazon soon with my Kindle in it!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

You've Got Mail is awesome! I should be getting a package from Amazon soon with my Kindle in it!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Cook said...

uhhhh You've Got mail is one of those feel good movies I LOVE. Book stores and little girls twirling and love and meg ryan's cuteness? oh man, LOVE! Hope your weekend is so sweet chica! love Katie

mHe said...

hi! I love your blog! It's pretty cool to know someone who blogs near by. I am your newest follower and I look forward to seeing new posts. <3 - Hope

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

I love me some You've Got Mail. Some of my favorite quotes come from that movie. :) and I want to be Kathleen Kelly so bad!

Sarah Rogers said...

I love the playlist you made :)


siddathornton said...

yay, a playlist :)

and yes, deliveries of absolutely ANY kind certainly inspire joy!

- lauren

Rima said...

oh yea, gotta love Amazon. It's a sin for me to opened an Amazon Credit Card. Dangerous.

hi from the link-up!


Allison said...

I have not watched You've Got Mail in too long! You are right it is such a good one! I want to go to that book it real?!

Chelsea said...

Rainy days are the best days spent at home!

courtney said...

ahhh youve got mail is one of the best movies!!!

Joyce said...

lol i order from amazon way too much. i love when their packages arrive too! :D

keep in touch :)

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hannah love said...

amazing summer tunes :)

cute blog too!!

Chantel said...

Yes! You've Got Mail is epic! One of the only reasons I want to visit NYC is to see all the places they shot the movie!

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