Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Thousand Gifts


Here are a few of my gifts recently...

Birds chirping…creating their own symphony

Hearing a live blues/jazz band play at a local coffee shop

Seeing an older couple dance to said music

Blossoming friendships with other bloggers

Dancing to music while doing chores

Falling asleep to the soft and steady sound of rain

Creativity that comes with writing

The sound of the coffee pot brewing

Exploring new places after getting lost

What has filled YOU with joy recently?


Natalie said...

Aww! Seeing older couples together certainly melts the heart =)

courtney said...

id have to say in addition to the SOUND of the coffee pot brewing would be the SMELL of the coffee brewing :D

Katie Cook said...

I absolutely LOVE the sound of children laughing! It's contagious!! we are doing a VBS with a bunch of kids in our neighborhood and we've been laughing non-stop! so great! LOVE your list!!

Allie said...

awee old couples are the cutest couples! i can only hope to grow that old with someone. And I'm totally with you on the dancing to music while doing chores. How mundane would life be without some music to dance to?

Jasmine said...

I love this picture! So fun :)

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