Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 Years.

IMG_0317{On their honeymoon}

Twenty years ago today my parents committed their lives to each other. In front of friends and family, they vowed to stand by each other and live life together. They vowed to be partners as their lives intertwined in a way that only a husband and wife can.

I’ve heard the story of how they met over and over, but I won’t ever grow tired of hearing it. Their story is simple yet so full of sweetness. They met in January and were married in October…it certainly was a whirlwind romance. My mom had been single for a year when she finally came to a place where she released her grip on her love story and surrendered every aspect to the Lord. She submitted her desires and plans to Him. The very next day she met my dad.

At the time, my mom was teaching first grade and went to school like she had every other day. But, this day would be different. My dad was working for the same school district as an electrician. On this particular day he had a work order at my mom’s school. She was up front teaching when he walked into her classroom. Immediately, he noticed the beautiful teacher with dark eyes and hair. He ended up asking the ladies in the front office about this young teacher that had caught his eye…he found out that she was single.

Before he left school, he made his way back down to her classroom and asked her out on a date. After their first date, they were inseparable. People started to ask when they were going to get they decided that they would! My dad sold his motorcycle at the time to buy an engagement ring. They were married on October 10, 1992 and I was born July 8, 1993 (nine months later…).

The past twenty years have been so full of sweet moments and laughter. I’ve seen my parents work through disagreements. I’ve seen them forgive and then continue to move forward. I’ve seen them as partners in life. I love that I still see the twinkle in my dad’s eyes when he looks at my mom. I’m so thankful I’ve grown up in a home with both of my parents fully present. Never once have I doubted their love for each other or their love for me.

So today as they venture out on a day date, I want to wish them a sweet sweet anniversary. Here’s to twenty years of doing life together!


Sarah said...

Such a beautiful post, isn't a such a blessing to have such a powerful example of love in your life?

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Aw I love this. :). My parents will be 28 years this year!! :)

Joanna said...

Hey girl!

I just found your blog and I am your newest follower! I am a junior at UGA. I actually know several people who go to Lee. crazy!

Such a sweet post, by the way. Honey moon baby!

Joanna @

Katie Cook said...

Love this! How sweet are they!!! Thanks for honoring the beautiful commitment of your parents! 20 years rocks! love Katie

Jasmine said...

This is so sweet!!

Jenna Secrist said...

such a sweet story! the picture of them so adorable!

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