Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday’s Letters

Dear parents,

I’m slightly jealous of the day date you had on your anniversary! I much rather would have gone exploring like you two did than sit in class…

WaterfallThe waterfall they discovered while out driving around.

Dear Human Biology,

Although I’m fascinated by how complex you are, I’m a little overwhelmed. The pace at which we move through the material is too fast for me. Only spending one class on each system is daunting.

Dear kindergarteners,

You are so much fun to work with! I love seeing your eyes light up as you come up with ideas and work on problem solving.

kindersI so wish I could show you their faces!

Dear crockpot,

You make cooking so easy for this girl with a busy schedule. I’ll be using you much more often!

cookingSnapped a photo minutes before rushing out to work.

Dear readers,

I hope your weekend is full of relaxation and moments spent with friends and/or family!


Jasmine said...

Do you remember like 2 years ago when we laughed about how your dad thought you would be using a crockpot in college? And now look at you making chili in a crockpot!

Chantel Klassen said...

Oh do share some of these crockpot recipes!

Miss Rachael said...

I'm so blessed to live at home and cook in my Mamma's kitchen with her most nights. I think it will be fun to experiment more with cooking, though, once I'm out on my own - and can do wild things with random ingredients! Cooking for 11 {well, soon 12!} means we really just do the things we know the kids love. :)

And Dear Samantha...
I pray that Biology clicks for you this week, and that you know how beautifully and intricately the Creator has formed you, for a purpose, and just a time as this.

xo Rachael

Holly said...

Whatever is in your crockpot looks really good!

Also, your work uniform looks oddly similar to mine! I love preschoolers. :)

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