Saturday, October 27, 2012



Happy Saturday! I have CPR training  from 7:45am-3pm today, but before I rush off to that I wanted to share my most recent list of gratitude. I have so many gifts to be be thankful for…

knowing an intimate and relational God


weekends at home

hugs from my mom and dad

fall leaves

Starbucks in the early morning

mac n’ cheese

honey crisp apples

hot water

friends that are more like sisters


Jasmine said...

I LOVE honey crisp apples!!

Miss Rachael said...

friends like sisters? i'll claim you! hehe... and then we can eat mac'n'cheese together, and I can make smores for the first ever time and we'll just chill with Jesus and it will be lovely.

hey - and I've just awarded you the Leibster blogger award via the link below. Would love if you'd check it out, and join in the fun of passing it on!

xo Rachael

Allie Ruth said...

This made me happy and feel the love towards autumn. And Amen for knowing an intimate and relational God too!

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