Monday, October 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

When I was at the grocery store last week, the only coffee creamers they had out were seasonal editions. So, I chose the s’mores coffee creamer. It was such a good choice and I’ve been reminded of that every single morning. If this isn’t considered miscellaneous I don’t know what is…
My mom and I decided that we’re going to go to Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina for the day in December when it's all decorated for Christmas. We went as a family when I was little, but I’m excited to go back now as a young adult. Plus, I always love our mother daughter trips.
I think it’s the season of engagements. So many girls around campus now seem to have a diamond ring on their left hand. Craziness I tell you.
P.S. Did you see that Jenna got engaged as well?! You should go show her some love here. Afterward, be sure to spend some time looking around her blog. She’s one of my favorites.
I’m pulling out the coat and scarves this week. It’s getting rather chilly in Tennessee and I’ll be making sure my coffee is extra hot in the mornings.
I’ve started to listen to Christmas music already. It made me smile to hear those familiar melodies.
Speaking of music, you need to go download Johnnyswim's new song, Make. And if you haven’t downloaded their album, Home, yet you must get that as well! Both are free I might add. Their voices are incredible.
Please tell me you watched the Georgia/Florida game on Saturday!?!? Such a good game. Although, watching it all by myself made me miss being home so much. Even though I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida (home of the Florida State Seminoles) my family has always pledged our devotion to Georgia. And on Saturday, Georgia defeated the Florida Gators! GO DAWGS!
ugaI realize how cheesy this is, but it captures a small glimpse of the excitement I felt while watching the game. Plus, it gives you another picture of the “real me.” Ha!


Victoria said...

That is a very cute picture of you! I was especially admiring your hair :)

You and your mom will have so much fun on your trip! The house and grounds will be GORGEOUS.

Happy fall to you. Enjoy all the things of fall while you can. Winter is on the way!

Jasmine said...

Love this picture!

My brother was almost in tears when the Gators lost. He is so ashamed that he won't wear his Gator clothes for the next few weeks. I personally enjoyed seeing them lose.

Megan said...

My hubby wasn't happy with the game. He's a Florida fan. :( It doesn't bother me, though, my team's still #1. :) Happy Monday!

Holly said...

LOL at the cheesy photo! That's hilarious! :P

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