Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Little Break.

Good morning, girls! I never intended to take a blogging break, but nonetheless it has been almost two weeks since I’ve opened up Blogger. My days have been full of school assignments and work, but mostly full of sweet joyful moments. Every time I thought about sitting down to write the words just wouldn’t come. My ideas for blog posts seemed to run dry so I chose to take a break. To be honest, I’m still at a loss for ideas and I’m not sure how frequent my blogging will be in the near future. But, I promise that I’m still here! I’m just a little quieter than normal. I hope you find lots of joy throughout this day. I’ll be back soonish!

Side note: If you want to keep up with me on a more regular basis then you can follow me on Instagram!


Miss Rachael said...

I was just thinking of you this afternoon! and planned to send you an email in the next few days. :) I'm glad you're well and finding lots to keep busy with! Keep loving on Jesus and we shall talk soon! :) Rachael

Katie Cook said...

Sam:) I'm so glad you posted...I was thinking about you today! You bring so much JOY to the blogging world! But I am an avid supporter of living in the moment and not in front of a computer screen, so I pray that you continue to be delighted by the circumstances the Lord has for you! love Katie

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