Friday, August 24, 2012

Carry Me.

When I recently pulled up iTunes, I noticed that “Carry Me” by Audrey Assad was my most played song in my library. I wasn’t shocked…it’s my “go to” song when I’m overwhelmed or discouraged. When I become disheartened I turn this on to help turn my gaze back to Abba. I can even pinpoint certain moments when this song echoed my prayers. I’ve danced to this song and I’ve also dropped to my knees while this song filled the room.

I know this is the time that many of us are settling into a new school year and that can be overwhelming. We have all sorts of information and expectations being thrown at us from every which way. Some have been out of school for a while now and life is proving to be more than you can handle. We can become fearful. Stressed. Discouraged. Overwhelmed. Disheartened. Disappointed. We wonder if we will ever reach our goal. We wonder if we’ll make it to the other side. Instead of letting these emotions cloud my vision I choose to focus on Abba.

He will carry me. He will carry you.


Miss Rachael said...

Hey Samantha,
This was the second Audrey song I ever heard {the first was 'Known'}, and I love it too! :) Another song that has been floating around in my space at the moment is Passion's "White Flag" - I love the chorus; it reminds me the need to constantly surrender me to Him; more of Him, less of me.
xo Rachael

Erin said...

i love audrey assad! beautiful truths here :)

Ameera (أميرة) said...

I will need to get this song...let me tell you orientation right now is like drinking from a fire hose. Thanks for the encouragement!

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