Monday, August 13, 2012

Micsellany Monday

Today, I’m linking up with Carissa from lowercase letters
I’m writing this post early (it’s Sunday night). As I write, I’m watching a tribute to the best songs of 1960s on television. So far, The Supremes, Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Mamas & The Papas and The Beatles have made appearances. We danced in the kitchen to a few of the hits…

I move back to school this Saturday. I’ve had a wonderful summer, but I’m ready to start a new semester. I have so much excitement and expectancy in my heart! Plus, it means I’m one year closer to being a teacher.
I’ve been in a reading funk since I finished reading Little Bee. I usually always have a book on my nightstand, but I haven’t for the past week. Any book suggestions?
Have you listened to Anthem Lights yet?  It sounds cheesy to say, but their voices make me melt. They did an acoustic cover of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break” and it’s just so so good.

This time next Monday I'll be sitting in my 8 am Theology class.

The weather was GORGEOUS this weekend. It rained Friday night which ushered in cooler temperatures. I spent lots of time in the rocking chairs on the front porch. On Saturday night, my mom and I grabbed throw blankets and just sat and talked and looked at the stars.
{Sunday afternoon.}
Who would have thought I'd have The Beatles and Anthem lights in the same post? Ha!


Meg {henninglove} said...

i would love some rain here, can you send some my way thank you! and you are so cute sitting the porch great photo

Amanda Wissmann said...

Ditto on the rain...although you could TRY to send some...but it doesn't rain in Peru so don't waste your time. I miss a good thunderstorm. *sigh*

What a fun little collaboration of a post! I like misc posts :)


Melanie said...

your hair. so cute. ah!

Natalie said...

Hope moving in goes smoothly for you! hmm... book ideas... I really like "The Scent of Water" by Naomi Zacharias this past summer =)

Kaitlin said...

Can you pleaseeeee just move to Seattle so we can be real life friends and not just blogging friends??

Thanks ;)

Megan said...

I love that cover! I enjoy that song and I like having guys sing it. :)

Jenna Secrist said...

Love this! I wish we could sit and have a conversation! I think we could talk for hours. Did you like little bee? Also, I didn't know you were majoring or minoring in theology! Cool!

Sarah said...

Love it! I'm glad you're so excited to move in, soak up this last week at home :)

Ameera said...

So excited for a new school year! What theology class are you taking? As far as book suggestions there's a new book out by an excellent Moody professor "Unseduced and Unshaken: The Place of Dignity in a Young Woman's Choices" by Rosalie De Rosset. I haven't read it yet (though I'm planning on it) but if it's anything like her lectures it should be phenomenal!
Praying for you :)

Tiffany said...

Visiting from Miscelleny Monday!

I just finished reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff and I absolutely loved it. It's amazing--and will make you want to go out and save the world. Also recently read and loved "Every Man Dies Alone" "The OTher Wes Moore" "Half Broke Horses" and "30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know by the Time She's 30!"


hannah love said...

you have a great smile samantha!
and because of your bangs im so tempted to get some again

i'm going to check out anthem lights :)

L.A. said...

Hey! I nominated you! Check it out if you'd like. :)

siddathornton said...

love all that classic music you mentioned at the top of this post - i just adore the beatles & CCR!

- lauren

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