Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I’ve only been blogging for two months, but I’ve grown to love this creative outlet. I love having a space to write and share pieces of my heart. I love sharing snapshots of my life. I love knowing that I’ll be able to look back to see how I’ve grown and changed. But, what I’ve come to love most is the community of women I’ve been able to connect with. I’ve been so encouraged by other young women who share parts of their heart and life as they follow hard after Jesus. Although we haven’t met in person, their stories have spurred me on. Whether it has been through sweet messages or exchanged emails, friendships have developed. I know we would talk for hours if I were able to meet one of these ladies for coffee one day…

I want to share the blogs of a few ladies who have been such an encouragement to me this summer with the hope that you’ll be uplifted as well.

I want to start with Katie from Hope Engaged


This girl is incredible! I’ve been SO encouraged and challenged by Katie. She radiates joy and the love of Christ through her blog! Her love for the Lord and people is genuine and I always look forward to her posts to see what she will share. I hope that you’ll head over to Katie’s blog and spend time reading through her posts! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Also, be sure to read her love story…I can see God’s hand on every detail and it reminds me that the beauty of God scripted love stories is unsurpassed. Just another reminder to wait on God!

Next is Tiffany from The Wandering Theologian


Tiffany and I have exchanged emails consistently over the course of the summer and I’ve loved developing a sweet friendship with her. She recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and is days away from moving overseas for a year to teach English. Such an exciting journey! If you want to know more about her journey, you’ll have to hop on over to her blog and say hello.

Then there is Jenna from Dearest Love


Jenna is a young second grade teacher living in Atlanta. Her blog is full of inspiration and all things lovely. She has encouraged me in many ways through uplifting blog comments and messages we’ve exchanged here and there. Jenna has a tender heart for the Lord and that shows through her posts in an honest and vulnerable way. One of my favorite posts was her reflection of her first year teaching. I encourage you to not only read that post, but to explore her other posts! I guarantee that her blog will become a daily read of yours as well.

Next is Natalie from Heart Stirrings


Natalie is a girl after my own heart and I know we must be kindred spirits. Not only is she an education major, coffee addict, Gilmore girls and book lover, but she is after the Father’s heart. Her posts are always founded on Biblical truth and point to the Gospel while covering modern issues. She’s also really funny and her posts have caused me to laugh out loud. Natalie was one of my first blog friends and I couldn’t recommend her blog more!

Finally, Allie from Sequins & Faith


Allie currently lives in Canada, but is getting ready to move to Australia to attend Hillsong College. What an adventure that will be! Allie is an incredibly photographer and has a gift for writing. I soak up the wisdom she shares in her posts and she radiates Jesus. She has a way of communicating her heart through her writing in such a unique way. Her perspective on issues is really neat. I would recommend that you take time to discover her blog! It won’t be time wasted as her words always point back to the Father.

There are other ladies who have blessed me that I did not highlight above. I simply wanted to point you in the direction of a few godly women whose stories and passions have resonated with me.


Tiffany said...

You are too sweet! I'm happy to find some new blogs to stalk :) Yay for fellow teachers!

Amanda Schroeder said...

How fun! I'm excited to go take a look at these lovely ladies blogs. You've only been blogging for two months? Well I always love what you have to say.

Amanda @ weandserendipity.blogspot.com

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out and those kind words Samantha! =D

Megan said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs. I'm always looking for more encouraging blogs to follow.

alliespence. said...

oh wowzers samantha! thank you for your super kind words! i love getting to know you more and more through YOUR blog and through facebook.. and speaking of which, i still need to write you back!! ahhh!!

thank you so so much for this shoutout! definitely made my day!

Erin Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by over on my blog. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting women like you. And being able to be a part of a community of people who are on their own journey with the Lord. Super encouraging. And I LOVE this post.

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