Monday, August 20, 2012

I come from…

Today, I’m linking up with Harley & Jane to participate in their journal prompt series.


…a family of strong women.

My paternal great grandmother lived a very modest life. No matter how little money she had, she would give it away if someone needed it. Always.

I never met my paternal grandmother. She raised three children and was diagnosed with Leukemia in her early 40s. She battled the wretched disease as it slowly stole her strength. Even though my dad was 21 when she died, he still tells stories about her. He cries when he talks about his mama or when one of her favorite songs comes on the radio. She was a strong woman.

IMG_0314{My dad’s mother during the late 1950s.}

My maternal great great grandmother was tough. She raised six children and lived in the heart of the country. I’ve only ever heard her referred to as “Indian Grandma.”

My maternal great grandmother was a nurse and served during World War II. Her name was Alice, but she always went by “Grey.” My mom called her “Granny Grey” and I know they had a special bond. I hate that I never met the woman who meant so much to my mom.

IMG_0315{Granny Grey during WW II.}

Then there’s my mom. My mom taught public school for 30 years. That automatically gives her my respect. But, there’s so much more to her than being a strong teacher. She has always taught me that I’m strong too. When I had a problem she taught me to think it through to come up with a solution. She has taught me to take responsibility for my actions (and to accept the consequences). She has taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes and that I’d have plenty of them. But, I’d learn from them. She has taught me the importance of speaking scripture out loud. She has taught me to think for myself. She has taught me bucket loads of practical wisdom. She has loved me fiercely and has has always been there for me.

kindergarten{She taught kindergarten the year this was taken.}


I’m proud to come from a family of strong women.


Sarah said...

Beautiful post Samantha! so sweet

Ameera (أميرة) said...

Love this post! So great to get a peek into your heritage :)

Natalie said...

What a wonderful post! It's so awesome to have those family stories and to gain strength from them =D

Megan said...

I loved this post!

Amanda Wissmann said...

Sweet sweet post! LOVE the pics :)

Harley said...

thank you so much for linking up.

This was really beautiful. Your granny grey sounds like a really special lady. And mad props to your mom for teaching for 30 years. The world needs more dedicated people like her!

love the post.


A beautiful feather said...

great post.just found out your blog.New follower here

siddathornton said...

i love hearing about others' families - this was a great post! and it's so great that you appreciate those strong women who came before you :)

- lauren

Katie Cook said...

I love that you just so beautifully honored the woman in your life! you do come from a family of amazing woman! what a blessing from God:) love Katie

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