Monday, July 8, 2013

20 years!

Snapshot_20130706_8A little photo love from the coffee shop I wrote this in on Saturday.

Good morning, sweet friends! It’s my 20th birthday and I have such a fun week ahead of adventures and exploring. One of my best friends is coming up from Florida to spend the week with me {wahoo!}. But before she arrives I thought I would share 20 things I’ve learned about myself. It’s a mixture of serious and silly… :)

1. I love, love, love the mountains.

2. I never understood why my mom loved coffee so much growing up {I thought it was gross}, but I have coffee everyday now. It’s the best.

3. Handwritten letters are a love language of mine. Snail mail forever.

4. Sometimes the dream of mine to teach overseas scares the heck out of me. Ahhh.

5. I plan more for my future classroom than I do for my one day wedding.

6. I treasure intentional friendships.

7. One way to my heart is through peanut butter M&Ms or Raisinettes.

8. When I like a song, I will literally listen to it over and over again until I get tired of it.

9. Moving away to a college where I didn’t know anybody was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

10. Thank goodness for the Google Maps app…I struggle big time with maps and directions.

11. I’d definitely choose staying in for the night over going out 75% of the time.

12. I pray for my future husband and even though this season of singleness can be hard, I’m thankful for it. There’s purpose and preparation in this time before I meet my handsome best friend.

13. Driving with the windows down and music turned up is one of my favorite things.

14. Friendships that are rooted in Christ are the absolute best. It means the world to have some girls in my life that I can get excited about Jesus with. We can talk and encourage when struggling. We have the same foundation and that makes such a difference.

16. Someday when I do meet my handsome best friend and we get married…I hope we choose to go somewhere other than the beach for our honeymoon. Random I know. ;)

17. I love getting told I look like my mom and trust me when I say I get told that everywhere I go. Ever since I was little I’ve thought my mom is gorgeous.

18. I’m an encourager and I hope to always use that genuinely to uplift others.

19. I’d choose lipstick over mascara if I had to pick. This girl loves lip products…they’re an essential in my opinion.

20. I notice such a difference in my day when I spent time with God compared to the days where I rush through my quiet times. Oh how I need Him.


amanda marie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is wonderful :)

Natalie said...

Have an awesome birthday Samantha! =) And God's blessings in the upcoming year!

Gina Alyse said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha! I just started writing some handwritten letters to my friends who are all over the U.S. this summer. It's such a fun feeling! And I agree with you about moving away to college where I didn't know anyone--awesome decision!

Hope your birthday is wonderful!

xo, gina

Hilda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! may all your dreams come true.

I didn't know there are peanut butter M&Ms! Cool!

Jovita said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha! You have been such blessing and encouragement to me! Keep shining for Jesus!{P.S I watched Pride and Prejudice and loved it:)}

Amanda Wissmann said...

I know I said it on Facebook but I'll just say it AGAIN :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet, beautiful friend! You're amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I certainly can’t believe this but we have the same likes, interests and ways on almost everything! My, is this coincidence or we’re just destined to meet. Anyway, you’re too young to get married. Explore life first and enjoy it while you are single. Coz’ I know Mr. Right will come when you are fully ready. Just like you, I also prayed for the right person to come and God did answer my prayers. Keep up with the passion, with the uplifting spirit you have and continue to be an inspiration! God bless!

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