Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a few happy things

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop right now and I’m in one of those overly joyful and can’t stop smiling moods. It’s a combination of the almond joy mocha I’m enjoying and the excitement I have for the fall semester.

Some happy {and very random} thoughts:

1. I finally sat down to check my school email to discover that my financial aid was processed {hooray for student loans and an unexpected scholarship!}. I also checked my grades and I have a pretty rockin’ GPA after last semester. So thankful for that!

2. I work at the early learning center on campus and my director sent out the schedule for the fall semester and I was blessed with the perfect schedule. I’ll be spending my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with the 1-2 year olds class. I’m excited to get to know a new group of sweet babies!

3. Last week was one of my favorites of summer. Such a joy to have one of my best friends here! We did lots of exploring and here are a few more photos from one of our hiking trips…

photo (3)

photo (5)

photo (4)

4. I wrote a post on Monday about how to pray for your future husband. Well my best friend pictured above {who happens to be married!} left a comment that I found SO helpful! Be encouraged too my single ladies…

“I love love this. It is SO important to pray for your future husband. I've only been married for a short time, but I have learned a few things I wish someone had told me. I know how much you want your guy, you're prince charming, your forever to start now. But if you don't take any piece of advice, please hear this. DON'T SETTLE/ lower your standards. Don't get me wrong, your husband will never be perfect, but so many girls today don't believe they deserve or can find a real man who will treat them the way they deserve. God has created that man exactly for you, who will complement you and make you feel like a princess. I know its hard, (patience is definitely a virtue;) ), but please wait for His timing to bring your man to you. When you try and find someone on your own, without God, you end up settling for what you think you deserve. Pray for him, wait for him, and enjoy this time with God to grow. Have fun and go on adventures while you wait! Hope you can be encouraged that God knows you and what you need.” –Janice

5. I’m so thankful for friendships that are really more like a sisterhood. You share your hearts. You share your struggles and triumphs. You encourage each other. You can totally be yourself with each other and often that includes lots of goofiness.

Wishing you all joy today!


Gina Alyse said...

I love those moods where everything seems joyful! :) Congrats on the GPA and financial aid! It reminded me to check mine as well. :)

And wow are those photos gorgeous! Looks like hiking was a blast!

xo, gina

Janice Touchton said...

I. love. you. :)

Iris said...

Great words from your friend!!

You said GPA....then I thought I could ask you. Do you know what is connected with the various Honor roles one can get at graduation? And then how much point (or whatever it is) do you need for the various honor roles.


Katie Cook said...

You are so cute! ANd I love the way you embrace life...so beautiful girl! love ya, Katie

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