Friday, July 12, 2013

Mountain Adventures

Good morning, friends! This week has been one of my absolute favorites of summer so far. One of my best friends, Janice, traveled up from Florida to spend the week up here and we’ve been going on lots of mountain adventures. We’ve been talking, laughing, singing along to the radio, getting lost, exploring, hiking, dreaming, and so much more this week. Here’s a glimpse into some of our adventures…

Lots of mountain driving…





Old fashioned adventure at the drive-in. So fun!



Now for the best adventure day…we drove up into the mountains on these looming (and majestic!) forest roads. They wind slowly up the mountain and we made our way to an isolated hiking trail.





We hiked 2-3 miles before making it to a river that we had to cross…it doesn’t look like it but the water was up to our knees. It was definitely an adventure to trek across!


We kept hiking until finding a spot to rest along the river. It was just so peaceful.   Overall, we hiked 9 miles. We definitely had sore legs and happy hearts.



After we made it back to the car we continued to climb up the winding roads. There’s a spot at the tip top where the leaves clear out and you can see mountains for miles. The picture doesn’t do the view justice…you feel like you’re high in the clouds. 


Janice’s husband is in the Navy and he’s currently in Japan. So she’s been Skyping him every day and last night I joined in the fun. Hi Stuart!


We’ve been ending most nights by watching movies, backing cookies, dancing like goofballs, and laughing until our sides hurt.


We’re off on another hiking adventure today! I’m just so thankful for this friendship.


Victoria Horea said...

Sounds like such fun! It makes my heart ache for the mountains.

Gina Alyse said...

Hiking 9 miles sounds so awesome! It sounds peaceful :) Loving the photos you posted--now craving a little outdoor adventure myself!

Enjoy your weekend! Stay beautiful!

xo, gina

Eleanor Harte said...

I'm inspired by how much you love hiking; I want to like it that much one day! (I actually just posted about this the other day!). It looks like you're having lots of fun with Janice. Did you see Monsters University? SO good, right? Just saw it yesterday!

Rosala said...

Oh my goodness! Hiking is the best:))

Jenna Condon said...

love your blog!!! Its adorable :) I followed via GFC, come check out my blog? thanks

Rachael said...

Naw, you two have had so much fun! I've been watching your photos online all week wishing you and I could have a week like that - seriously, I'm pretty tired and worn out at the moment, and such a holiday sounds AMAZING! :D One day, hey? xx

Allison said...

This looks like such a fun time!!! Such a fun getaway.

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