Thursday, July 18, 2013

one thousand gifts

photo (6){Exploring near my house}

“discover joy even in the here and now…” –Ann Voskamp

back roads {they get me every single time}

letters in the mail from sweet friends

fresh Georgia peaches {yum!}

a back porch

Keith Urban on the radio

the sound of waterfalls

messy ponytails

laughing with my best friend until our sides hurt

hiking in the middle of nowhere

summer mornings

Happy Thursday, friends!


Rachael said...

Writing a letter for your mailbox is on my list for today... ;) well, it has been on their for a week - it's going to be a big letter! xx

Robin said...

I love these summer treats! Living in the hustle and bustle of Phoenix, I don't often see "the back roads" definitely miss that detail of living on the east coast. Glad you have so many things to enjoy!

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