Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a summer night

We were invited to pick blueberries out in the country at a sweet older couple’s house this past Sunday. Fresh blueberries are a treasure so we gladly accepted the invitation. We drove on some of my favorite back roads in the area on the way to their house. There were roses upon roses. A small sunflower patch. Rows of corn.  Enough blueberry bushes to feed an army.






It was one of those sweet summer nights in the country. The older couple talked about how they met on the school bus as kids. We talked about teaching and college. My parents swapped recipes. We sat around eating watermelon that dripped sweet stickiness all down my arms. We left with enough blueberries to keep us having pancakes, muffins, bread, etc. for weeks to come. I’m thankful for the simple joy of summer nights.

1 comment:

Rosala said...

Ahh, a slice of heaven. :)

Blueberries (and any type of fruit) are my weakness.

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